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Ceramic coating

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  Ceramic coating operation instructions


  Type : single layer and multiple layers (primer, topcoat, spot)


  Color : multiple colors








  Operating procedures:


  4. Substrate processing


  1) Degreasing


  Thoroughly remove the grease from the substrate with alkali or acid, then rinse the acid or alkali on the substrate with water.


  2) Sanding : Number of sands : 60-80 mesh. Sandblasting roughness: 8-12 microns


  3) Dust removal : Clean the dust on the substrate with clean water.


  5. Paint ripening method


  1) Prepare the paint


  Stir the solution A thoroughly (usually with a roll method and stir at 150 rpm for more than 30 minutes until the precipitate is completely removed).


  2) Paint mixing


  Pour liquid B into solution A and shake immediately for more than 20 seconds. P liquid is then poured into the mixed components of A and B.


  3) Rolling and aging method , rolling speed: 80~100 rpm.





  4) Ripening time : 8~12 hours


  5) Mature environment : the ambient temperature is around 25 degrees.


  6) After the ripening is completed, it must be used within 24 hours at room temperature, otherwise it should be refrigerated (5°C - 10°C)


  7) Use after filtering 300 mesh filter ( if you need to add glitter in the topcoat, please filter the cooked topcoat and then add the flash powder. The added amount can be adjusted by the customer )


  8) Storage time of cooked paint


  Refrigerated at 5~10 degrees, can be kept for 3 days


  6. Spraying


  1) Preparing cooked paint


  In order to use the refrigerated storage material, the paint should be uniformly mixed, the paint should be shaken for more than 30 minutes, the paint temperature should be adjusted to normal temperature, and filtered with a 300 mesh filter before use.


  2) Spraying process


  ‚ Preheating: preheating surface temperature is 50~80 degrees


  Spraying method: air spray gun spraying


  ƒ Spray thickness: single layer: 35 ± 7 microns.


  Double layer: primer 25 ± 5 microns, topcoat: 10 ± 2 microns. Primer and topcoat spray ratio 2.5~3:1 (weight ratio).


  3) Ethanol or IPA when washing the spray equipment


  7. Curing


  1) Baking conditions


  290~310°C (MPT standard)×10 minutes


  2) Curing engineering drawings (temperature and time)



Time (minutes) temperature (degrees Celsius)


  (The surface temperature of the factor is different from the temperature of the air in the oven, so it is necessary to measure the surface temperature of the material frequently)


  8. Other


  Please contact us for other details.

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