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25%PES(WSP-Aqueous dispersion)

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25%PES(WSP-Aqueous dispersion)

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  WSP-255 Technical Information


WSP-255 resin is a dispersion of non-crystalline polymers diluted with water. Good film forming, wide applicability, excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, the use of the resin production of single-layer water and double water (PTEE) resistant to high-temperature non-stick materials, can be widely used in a variety of cooking utensils, kitchenware, baking utensils, rice cooker tank, bread bucket, frying pan, barbecue plate, hairdressing utensils, Induction cooker panel and electric iron Bottom plate and other household appliances non-stick coating, but also suitable for a variety of industrial non-stick applications.




1. Outstanding thermal stability and high temperature resistance to yellowing properties, can be used in a variety of light color resistance to high-temperature non-stick coating;


2. Excellent wear resistance and flexibility, and PAI mixed preparation of bottom oil can improve the non-stick coating resistance to cooking performance and boiling water resistance;


3. Excellent resistance to chemical properties, the use of the resin produced by a variety of coatings have a high resistance to salt water, salt mist, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvents;


4. Excellent solubility and water dilution performance;


5. Outstanding bonding performance, with a variety of metal substrates have a good adhesion;


6. Comply with U.S. FDA and European food hygiene and safety standards. Technical Specifications



Appearance Milky white or mifepristone opaque liquid
pH July 8,
Solid Parts% 24±2 (250 ℃/10 min)
Storage Period 12 months
Table Dry Conditions 120℃-150℃/5-10 minutes
Curing conditions 380 ℃/10 min


Main points of Use: the resin is a polymer dispersion, storage period has a mild stratification, when used must be evenly stirred.





It is advisable to store under the condition of avoiding light, drying, low temperature and sealing.




Plastic barrel: 50kg/barrel.




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