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ZheJiang Lotiel Coating Co., LTD.


ZheJiang Lotile Coating Co., LTD.  It used to be Wu Yi Wayfulon Coating Co., LTD. founded in 2004, We specialized in research, development and sales of the non-stick coating, the products include: silicone coating, PES coating, high temperature resistant coating,PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating, fluorine nano coating, ceramic coating, etc.With the constant development of the company, it purchased a new land in Huibu new area in Changshan city of quzhou in 2012, zhejiang province, area of 15 acres, set up ZheJiang Lotile Coating Co., LTD. Built in 2014, basically complete workshop construction and production in2015, also apply for "威孚隆" and "WAYFULON"as the trademark, Wayfulon become a specialized in the non-stick coating has been for more than ten years old .

We take quality as the center, adjust the color and property according to the requirements of different customers, We should not only become a good partner of customers, but also strive to become the "second workshop" of customers.Zhejiang Lotile Coating Co., the green environmental protection and health do advanced consciousness, has passed the certification with the eu ROHS, REACH (SVHC);Germany LFGB, PAHS; United States FDA, ASTM963;French DGCCRF and so on.

We do not only sell paint to produce paint, but also to solve problems for customers and develop coatings. Wayfulon coating will be in a rigorous style, brand-new posture, based on the non-stick coating, high temperature resistant coatings and special industrial paint of the community, the strong with you hand in hand, create beautiful future of Wayfulon.

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